About Us

What is Bow?

Bow is a high-end kids brand that aims to elevate people’s expectations in regards to children's clothing in Saudi Arabia, by offering luxurious, stylish and unique children's clothing.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to bring the best of the world’s children's wear, we are collecting and choosing the best clothes from exhibitions in places such as Spain and France, assuring the best quality and value for our customers in Saudi.

The quality of the brand is reflected not only in our products, but in the overall feel of the brand, the decoration of the boutique and all-in all the atmosphere.

Our three values:

Luxury: We offer a diverse collection of high-end clothing from different countries so you can enjoy dressing your child in an outstanding and unique style.

Appeal: Our showroom has a relaxing and charming vibe, with its impeccable decorations and inviting creative display that encourage you to come in and take a look inside.

Convenience: Easy shopping experience, helpful customer service.

Boutique Style:

Soothing candy colors inspired by our logo, creative displays, sleek parquet wood for the floors, and fresh scents of caramel and vanilla to set the mood for a wonderful shopping experience for families and children to enjoy.

Clothing Range:

We offer our range of clothing for newborns up to 12 years old.